Disposition Services Group

Disposition Services Group (“DSG”) is comprised of locally owned Boise businesses that have affiliated as a team to address the needs of the owners of repossessed and foreclosed commercial properties.  Each DSG team member is an experienced and knowledgeable professional in their field.




The purpose of DSG is to provide clients with the resources necessary to evaluate a distressed property, develop a plan of action, and implement the plan to successfully dispose of the property in the most expeditious and profitable manner available to the property owner, without the potential for internal conflicts that can be commonly experienced in real estate firms marketing themselves as “multi-faceted.”


Each independent DSG team member concentrates almost exclusively on commercial real estate. With strong market knowledge and extensive experience, DSG is able to understand and anticipate market trends, laws, valuations, management techniques, and financing vehicles, in order to accurately advise our clients toward planning and implementing their disposition objectives. 

“You cannot be all things to all people and properly serve your client’s best interests!”


By assembling a team of experienced professionals in the appropriate industry sectors, DSG offers our clients the finest real estate services available. Other “multi-faceted” firms may be strong in one sector, yet weak in another. DSG believes that our structure of services provides our clients with not only quality professional services, but years of knowledge and expertise that an individual firm cannot adequately cover. 


DSG Team Members


(listed alphabetically by company)


ba harris

B.A. Harris & Associates, P.A. - Buckner Harris, CPA - provides accounting, taxation and financial services.

idaho land

Idaho Land & Appraisal - Mark Richey, MAI, provides appraisal and valuation services for commercial properties.

icrellc small

Intermountain Commercial Real Estate, LLC – Gary Buentgen, Guy Levingston & Tim Thornton, provide commercial real estate brokerage and consulting services covering office, industrial, retail, investment and land.


Meuleman Mollerup, LLP - Kimbal L. Gowland, Attorney at Law & Partner, provides legal services primarily in the areas of in commercial real estate, foreclosures and business law.

select commercial

Select Commercial Property Services, LLC – Jerry Jensen & Scott Cockerham, provide commercial property management and consulting services to owners of commercial real estate.



The above list represents the core group of Team Member services.  Services can be adjusted to meet a client's immediate needs, and we are prepared to extend our list of services, or recommend additional vendors to provide the following (partial list):

  • Architects
  • Auctioneers
  • Construction - site and building
  • Engineering services
  • Entitlement services
  • Environmental assessments & engineering
  • Hazardous Waste services
  • Infrastructure completion
  • Land surveys
  • Material testing
  • Site Maintenance for debris/weed control
  • Tenant improvement (TI) contractors
  • Traffic studies
  • Water studies
  • Well abandonment